The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red Cast Selected, Filming to Begin

Saratoga Springs, NY (June 1, 2017) —  Trident Fantasy Films announced today that the cast has been selected and production will begin on “The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red.” The children’s TV series is based on the Grimm Brothers classic fairy tale.

This magical live action fairy tale follows the adventures of sisters, Snow White and Rose Red, who live in an enchanted forest and encounter other classic fairy tale characters.  Each episode has, at its core, a lesson or moral with an emphasis on friendship, sisterhood and magic.

The show’s creator, Nicole Coady, has an affinity for classic fairy tales. This, combined with her role as a parent, motivated Coady to create the show which is geared for young children.

Andrew Balog, Katie Spass and Coady are Executive Producers. This production marks the first official project from the newly formed production company, Trident Fantasy Films, located in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Production is set to begin mid-June and will continue through July on locations in, or near, Saratoga Springs in Upstate New York. Snow White and Rose Red are played by real life sisters, Demetra and Callista Zorbas.

The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red will be released directly to Amazon Prime Video early 2018.

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Trident Fantasy Films, founded by Katie Spass, Andrew Balog and Nicole Coady, is a television and film production company based in Saratoga Springs, New York.



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